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    How can i set wamp server to works publicly

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      I'm developing an application using Flash Builder 4.6 ...I could connect the application to wamp server and I could modify the data base. but all these process are works locally (Wamp server installed on my PC) . how can i use wamp server everywhere . my supervisor set MySQL server for me but flash builder doesn't support it . is there anyway to make wamp server works publicly and access my database everywhere ?


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          how can i use wamp server everywhere


          By everywhere, do you mean everywhere on your LAN or everywhere on the internet? If you want to access your wamp server from the lan, you should just need to put your machine's ip into the browser on another computer on your LAN. If you are trying to access your wamp remotely over the internet, you will need a static ip, router config, etc.


          To put it online, get a static ip from your isp, then setup port forwarding in your router to send all traffic from port 80 to your computer's local ip.


          Personally, with the security hassles, setup, all of that, I would just post the project & database into a secured directory on an already connected web server. Get cheap hosting to use for testing, and make sure that the server setup matches your wamp setup (php version, mysql version, etc).