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    No TOC View in RH 7


      I've been using RH 5 for 2 years. I've downloaded RH 7, and it has been purchased by my company. As I look at the changes that have been made, there doesn't seem to be a Table of Contents view as it existed in RH 5. I realize that you can look at the TOC under Reports, but it just isn't the same. As I've built my Webhelp projects, the TOC view has been a blg help, because the Project Files view isn't always in the same exact sequence as the TOC view, and its helped to have the TOC view to ensure that things would look like they should be when the project is generated.

      Is there a work around, or can the TOC view be brought back? Thanks in advance.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi RexID and welcome to our community

          If you look at the Project Manager pod, scroll until you see "Table of contents". Expand it and double-click the table of contents you find there. When you do this, the TOC editor should open in its own pod.

          Cheers... Rick
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            RexID Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for your help. Its clearly obvious that I will need to use my "spare" time to gain a greater understanding of RH 7.
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              I had the same problem getting a TOC view in the RH7 trial version - I also had trouble searching the help file because it kept appending text to my search and telling me there were no entries. But the info Rick cites is in the help file. Everything else seems pretty straight forward if you have used earlier versions of RH so I don't think it will consume too much time...

              Now the reason I am responding... What I consider the beauty of RoboHelp is that I can see the same interface as my end users when I am editing (otherwise I would stick to Microsoft's free tools). Now with the TOC not being a tab in the project manager, this beauty seems to have vanished. Do other people feel this way? Was this a mistake? I think it was done to work with multiple TOCs. Is this necessary?


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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi John

                I'm sure it's no small feat when redesigning a long used workspace. Particularly when it comes to satisfying all users. I would be lying through my teeth if I just said I seamlessly jumped into it and liked it immediately. But meh, things change and I'm sure I'll adapt.

                My reason for posting is to say that we now have an added capability that didn't exist before. That is the ability to rearrange the workspace to suit us, then save that arrangement for easy recall later.

                Just a thought... Rick