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    Codec Problems/ avi. files


      Hello everyone,

      I have been trying to fix this problem for a while now, but with no suitable solution.

      Here is the thing:

      I've been using Premiere CS 6 (Version 6.0.3) on my Windows 7, 64bit PC, quite a while now and it normally works like a charm,

      but when I try to import certain .avi files, which I recorded with a camcorder, it keeps telling me, that the format is not supported.

      I already tried it with severeal clips, but no luck there.

      The thing is, if I try it on a friends Macbook it works fine and imports without and error message (she also uses Premiere CS 6).

      So, I figured there must be something wrong with the codecs.

      I tried to install different things to make it work, for example the whole divx codecs and the avid codecs,but nothing seems to work.

      I ran one of the videos through GSpot, which tells me, that all the needed codecs are installed, but I really can't get the videos to work in Premiere.


      Is there anyone who might help me with this issue or has the same problem?

      I would be very, very thankful if anybody could help me solve this.