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    Customs components are not updated on the scene




      i am working on a simple component, it is a movie clip.

      On each frames I have a label and an icon.

      In the component properties I set up a list where every itemshas the same title as the frames's labels.

      With this component I can set any icon I want by selecting it in the list.


      This is working fine and I am pretty happy about it.


      The Problem:

      If I change the name of one item in the list, add one or even reorder the list, the changes are not applied on all the components presents on the scene.

      and I have more or less 50 of thoses components in my scene...


      Is there a way to have the components updated ? Or at least update manually all the "old" components?


      this issue occure with Flash CS5 and CS6 all my doccuments are made in AS3.


      thanks a lot !