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    InDesign freezing when adding row to table?


      I'm automating InDesign CS6 creation in a c#.net environment and having issues with InDesign randomly hanging on a table.Rows.Add() call.  The function will work for potentially hundreds of Adds in a single document, and then seemingly without warning InDesign stops responding, and the call never returns.  This doesn't seem tied to any specific table, or any location in the table.  Looking at running processes, InDesign isn't using anywhere near 100% of my CPU or memory.  I'm running the most current patched version of InDesign, if that helps narrow down the situation.


      The code where the issue is occuring:


           object row = System.Reflection.Missing.Value;

           curr_table.Rows.Add(idLocationOptions.idAtEnd, row);


      Has anyone encountered anything like this before and/or have any ideas?