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    How do I get the "Close button" to work? I added it to the popup window but it does not generate

    Letmerun Level 1

      How do I get the Close button to work?  I am using RoboHelp 10.  I used the Insert HTML - CLOSE button to the popup.  It appears on the Design screen and the HTML code (inserted below) is in the HTML page.  Once I generate using Webhelp with a skin and then generate again using the option WebHelp to CHM it does not appear on the popup windows.  Any suggestions?

      <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" startspan
      <object classid="clsid:42C00FA3-1504-11d1-8EED-00DC929131C8" id="CloseWindow"
         border="0" style="margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px;
         margin-right: 0px;" align="bottom">
      <param name="_Version" value="65536"  />
      <param name="_ExtentX" value="1085"  />
      <param name="_ExtentY" value="609"  />
      <param name="_StockProps" value="13"  />
      <param name="ForeColor" value="0"  />
      <param name="BackColor" value="15790320"  />
      <param name="UseButton" value="-1"  />
      <param name="UseText" value="0"  />
      <param name="ControlLabel" value="Close"  />
      <param name="UseIcon" value="0"  />
      <param name="Items" value=""  />
      <param name="Image" value=""  />
      <param name="FontInfo" value="Arial,8,0,,"  />
      <param name="_CURRENTFILEPATH" value="D:\My Documents\My RoboHelp Projects\TRBP Biometric Collection System\WindowsSecurityEnterPIN.htm"
      <param name="_ID" value="CloseWindow"  />
        id="CloseWindow"  type="application/x-oleobject">
      <param  name="Command"  value="Close" />
        <param  name="Button"  value="Text:Close" />
      <param  name="Font"  value="Arial,8,0,," />

      <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" endspan-->