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    Drop Shadow; Performance

    danldurall Level 1

      Every time I use the drop shadow effect on an object file size spikes and performance dramatically declines.


      My main concern here is the drop in performance.


      I have had no other performance issues building this large print document and my Mac easily keeps pace and is snappy.  However, when I add the drop shadow, everything bogs down to just above completely frozen.  It takes about 20 minutes just to save the Illustrator file (faster outputting a press quality PDF).  Openning the file takes just as long.  Both processes sap 6 GB of free RAM down to about 10 megs :'( and my Mac never quite recovers until I restart.


      Are there performance optimizations hidden somewhere in Illy?  These are found in Photoshop as tiling and cache optimizations that really help when working with small or very large documents.