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    Printing high quality rasterized text from Photoshop CS5.1 to InDesign CS5.5

    benevident Level 1

      I’m planning on using Photoshop CS5.1 to modify preexisting music notation fonts (MusiSync and StaffClefPitchesEasy) for my own purposes. With that said, in order to make my modifications I have to rasterize the font. Once I’ve completed my alterations I plan to then place my new images into InDesign CS5.5 at the same image/ canvas size as I had created them in Photoshop. My question is: At what ppi should I create my Photoshop documents and what file type should I ‘save as’ to place in InDesign, so that my end result using InDesign, when printed buy a professional printing house, will look crisp and clean with no jagged edges, blur or pixilation? Also, I am using a mac running 10.5.8 and my Photoshop and ID documents are in greyscale. Thanks for your help.