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    Reformatting a document layout and its trouble

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      I have a 210 page document that is to be printed as a booklet. The pages are "facing" each other, meaning they are in spreads. The pagination for each page corresponds to the left or right-hand page meaning, in this case, the page number on a left-hand page is to the far left and, on the right-hand pages, the page number sits far right. All pages were made to print for a three-ring binder so all art justifies further left or right depending on the corresponding left or right-hand page. Nothing is centered is the clearest way to explain that point. One of the clients in Australia, who is using a pdf of the original document (the main client will not release the book in it's original InDesign form), wants to select single pages indescriminantly and  print them and is asking for a pdf of  pages in "non-facing" spreads or in single pages.


      I thought it might work if I simply changed the layout to show single pages and not in spreads. Unfortunately, the program reads the single pages as separate pages thus placing the pagination to the right on every page. If I make a pdf of the new document, the page numbers in half of the document are on the wrong side. Does anyone have a workaround solution to re-laying out a spread document and keeping the page numbers for the left-hand pages to the left side?


      Thanks, I hope that was clear.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What is the time size of the finished document, and wah t is the page size in Doucment setup? Is it set up as facing pages now, or do you have two panels on a single page? Are the pages currently in consecutive order?


          If the file is set up as facing pages in consecutive order (readers' spreads -- what your reader will see when the booklet is finished), then you need do nothing more than export a PDF as single pages (i.e. don't check the spreads box).

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            Thank you, Peter. I'd secretly hoped there was one preference button I couldn't find that needed changing. I've exported documents so often to pdf, that I barely read the export document preference panel any more. Unchecking "spreads" was what I was after. Thank you.