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    Change the quality of imported PDFs


      I have been creating fillable forms in LiveCycle ES2, using my companies existing PDFs, importing them as fixed images, and adding form elements on top. When I have been looking back at what LiveCycle is producing in terms of quality, versus the PDFs I initially import in Acrobat, the quality is substantially worse in LiveCycle, and any PDFs that I import into and save from LiveCycle look to be a much lower quality. The images of our forms I am importing into Acrobat are 250dpi, 8.5x11. They look crisp and clean in Acrobat. When they are imported, the text looks more grainy when zoomed in, and the logos have jagged edges. I read that LiveCycle, by default, imports PDFs as a medium quality JPG. First, is there any way around this? I can't find an option anywhere to change the quality. If not, is there a workaround that would allow me to accomplish my goals?


      I created a new, blank form in LiveCycle, added an image, and set it as the image of my PDF form. The quality is significantly better, however, the hierarchy is substantially different than when importing a fixed PDF, and I will lose my OCR recognized text from my original PDF.