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    permission problems in Bridge

    Sandy Barrie


      I am using OSX 10.8.3, Adobe Bridge CS5 and Photoshop CS5.

      I ran repair permissions from disk utility, and now the results are inconsistent.

      in that if I use bridge to drag & drop a file from the desktop to a folder on the desktop it work ok.

      but is I dark and image file from the HD to a folder on the hard disk I get an error message that I dont have permissions to do that. (image 1)

      and if I dark an image file that is on the desk top to the hard disk, but not to a folder on the hard disk, I get a circle with a strike through (not allowed) (image 2. dam the screen capture as that cursor and that circle with astrike through did not capture, but I am trying to drag the image to the hard disk not a folder)

      problems is, Photoshop is running so smooth now, I dont want to have to re install it all, as I have to spend time getting the filters right (as there is some incompatibilities between extensis extensions and NIK filters and Onone filters...

      regars, Sandy