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    Menu not showing in Safari, but fine in all PC browsers

    Paul Alford Level 1

      I built a website about a year ago using a flash menu maker software and I can see and use the menu fine on all PC browsers.  My client recently contacted me and said he couldnt even SEE the menu in Safari (Mac)....so I thought it might be the menu making software I used and downloaded a trial version of Bluementals CSS Menu Maker and mad a test page.  He cant see that one either.    Errrr..   Is there some issue with Safari HTML that the other PC browsers dont have ?  Or what is going on here ???

      The URL is www.MacMillanWireless.com  (original menu)

      the other is www.MacMillanWireless.com\index2.html   (test Blumental menu)


      If you can help with any ideas, feedback....THANKS !!!