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    Reorganizing in Photoshop Elements Organizer 11


      I want to import photos from a file on my computer into Photoshop Organizer 11 and REORGANIZE them. Once they are in there, I want to move some photos in front of others- chronologically- from 2-3 different cameras and then BATCH RENAME them all according to date.


      the organizer will not let me reorder the photos. When I try to drag and drop, it will not let me. Additionally it will not let me sort by name?


      Extremely frustrated. Is there a work around? Am I missing something?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          To create a different order than chronological, you must put the desired photos in an album, and then re-order them inside the album.

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            MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your situation is a common one. When you are compiling photos of an event from different cameras, generally many cameras don't have the date/time correctly set. The result is that the default date/time order is not diplaying in the real sequence of events.

            So, the first thing to do is to use the organizer to correct this, and it has the right tool for that. Try to find a significant moment from a correctly set camera. Select the pictures from a camera to correct (with search by metadata detail). Find a picture taken at about the same moment. Calculate the time difference. Highlight all files to correct and use the option to correct all files starting at a given moment. That is done by finding the oldest picture and calculating the right time taking the above difference into account. The Organizer has the option to correct the dates of a sequence of pictures by changing the date of the starting picture : all the files will be corrected.

            That may not be enough for extreme precision (you are dealing with minutes, not seconds), so you may have to correct a few pictures in albums manually as suggested by dj_paige.

            In your situation, working with albums is the way to go. You can rename or export your files with renaming to a new folder.

            The fact that you no longer can order your images by file name in PSE11 is not a problem here (it is when you are scanning).

            The key to the (common) problem you are facing is to learn how to select the pictures of a given camera, then to learn how to 'synchronize' the 'date taken' of all cameras. The organizer is very smart at this.