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    elements 11 "mobile picture frame"


      In elements 11 layers is there a way to create a white mobile template that sits over a background picture?  I need to create a white boarder around a standard 4x6 picture, to create a picture with very specific dimensions, to expedite the trimming process on the final print. This "mobile white template" would allow me to select part of the picture.  This White boarder would act a little like a mobile picture frame.

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          ukgaurav Adobe Employee

          Create a new file from File->New with dimensions you need. Turn on the View->Ruler. Select Shape tool->Rectangle Shape tool. Draw the rectangle as per your need on four sides. You can customize the color you wish to fill in rectangle shape from options below.


          Once done you can either merge all these shape layers after Ctrl Selecting them and right click->merge layers or keep them as PSD for future editing. You can also save as JPEG and keep the original PSD intact to edit in future.


          Hope it helps.