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    Single-sourcing - looking for a better way to manage image differences


      We are using RoboHelp 10. We put images of the ribbon in our procedures. We are single-sourcing Help for two different platforms... so we will have two sets of images, because the UI on each platform is slightly different.

      We want to use one set of ribbon images in the output for Platform A and the other set in the output for Platform B. I know that I could achieve this by using differently-named images and putting both the image for platform A and the image for platform B in the procedure and then using conditional logic to determine which one goes into the output for each platform.

      But, what I would prefer (if it's posssible) is to have a folder of images for platform A and another folder containing identically-named images for platform B. In the Help procedure I'd like to reference just one image filename and then use logic to determine which image folder I should be pointing to. 

      Even better would be a cascading approach. Have a folder of common images (there are images common to both platforms) and separate folders for images specific to a platform. Use logic to attempt to get the image from the platform folder and then (if not found) look in the common folder.

      Is this sort of thing possible with RoboHelp?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.