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    Frame rate temporarily jumps to 60 fps???

    Justin_as3_rules Level 1

      Dear developers, I want to thank you for helping me out with this issue.


      I am creating a game app for Android/IOS using Flash Pro CS 6 and am testing it on a Samsung 10.1 inch Tablet.  The framerate is set at 30 and is not changed at any point in the game.  For the most part, the game runs very close to this rate on the tablet.


      In testing on my desktop (the swf file), there are times (perhaps 1 in 100 test runs) where the frame rate suddenly jumps to close to 60 (tracing the system frame rate reveals this) for a few seconds before it drops back down.


      In the game, I have only one enterframe event that runs all the code and a single stage listener that looks for touch input from the user.  I have sound that plays continuosly in the background and regular game sounds that occur depending on the events of the game.


      In testing on the tablet, I noticed today the same behaviour as several objects that rotate and translate began to move at a much higher pace (although I am not sure if the frame rate jumped to 60).  It has only occurred only a few times in testing on the tablet in perhaps over 1000s of trials, but is concerning.


      What kind of things in my code can be triggering this behaviour?


      Thank you!