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    Cant migrate Windows PE11 backup to Imac

    chucktheweevil Level 1

      hello and cheers;


      I recently purchased an Imac 27" and am trying several different ways to migrat my 27,000 picture library:


      • I do a backup on an external NTFS drive. I doc to MAC. On the first attempt, I was able to locate the tly file, but the backup failed at 63% on soime mpeg conversion error. Since that time, the Mac can no longer any files in the backup folder (however if i connect to PC the files are all there)


      • I originally migrated the folder structure and imported all the photos. It asked me if I wanted to import all tags and i said yes. However, it filed all my tags inder "Other imported tags" section, and losing all my original tagging structure.


      • I am now tryiong to write tag information to the files and transfer via Migration assisttant, but am worried I will have the sma results as above.


      Can anyone help me with this? I have used tagging for 6 years and would hate to lose all the work I have done.


      Best Regards,