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    Facebook page

    Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

      Hi I have created a page on my web site to be used as an app on Facebook, have spent ages on the Facebook documentation on how to add this app, I don't seem to be getting ant where, I've got the Facebook Marketing for Dummies 2nd edition and that got information , but it don't seem to mach up with Facebook it's self, so if there is some one out there who knows a bit about this could you help me please. Thank you Jeff

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          Can you please explain where you've got stuck so we can help you based on that? Also, if you could give us a link to your page that you're trying to integrate within FB, it would help.

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            Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

            Hi Sudarshan I haven’t even got to the part where I up load the page from my site yet, I’ve just built a test page 810px wide nothing in it yet, I just want to see if I can make it work before I do too much, I’ve set myself up as a developer, and I’ve created an app but I don’t think I have filled in the fields properly, Basic Info: I’ve given it a name (Gerflor Flooring). 


            Namespace: I’m not sure what to put here, although I think it’s for the URL of the Facebook page I want to attach the app on to.


            Contact email: I know this one.


            App Domains: I think this is the domain name of my site where the page is hosted.


            Hosting URL: it says you have not generated a URL through one of the partners (Get One) I don’t really know what to make of this one.


            Website with Facebook Login,


            Site URL http://www.qualitycarpets.co.uk/gerflor-flooring.php this is the page I want connected.


            All the others I have ticked.


            I hope you can make some sense of this. Thanks for your help Jeff

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              Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

              Sudarshan the link I sent you earlier should work new. Jeff

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                sudarshan.t Level 6

                Hey Jeff, the link is not loading.


                In the meantime, about the other questions you have, did you by any chance take a look at this: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/getting-started/#create-app


                It has everything you need to know about creating your first app.


                Namespace is used for creating custom actions using Open Graph as well as for your app URL on apps.facebook.com.


                Heroku is a FB partner and gives you free hosting for FB apps - http://www.heroku.com/


                Here's a guide from Heroku on 'Getting Started': https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/facebook#what_is_heroku


                Trust this helps you get your head around the basics at the least!


                Good luck!

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                  Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                  Hi Sudarshan I will look at those tutorials today here is the link again it should work now: http://www.qualitycarpets.net/gerflor-flooring.php as you will see the page is not finished yet.


                  Thanks for your help Jeff

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                    Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                    Hi Sudarshan, I’ve been away for a few days just got back today. I’ve gone to the getting started link you provided for me, I’ve Step one, and I am now on the step 2 set up the app, it says: Place the following file at the URI that you specified in settings above. Where in the page do I put it, or do I just put it in its own page and put it in the root. And do I just do one or do I need one for every app I create.


                    Sorry to be a pain. Jeff

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                      sudarshan.t Level 6

                      Place the following file at the URI that you specified in settings above.

                      The code should go into your 'Site URL' that you entered in Step 1. Refer to the Screenshot just before 'Step 2' in that link.


                      The code is application-specific and is unique to each app that you build. Most times, the generic code is the same, but the 'appId' will be unique to each app.

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                        Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                        Hi Sudarshan I think I must be missing something, I’m looking at the URL in ‘step 1’ I realise it’s got to go in to that URL but I don’t know where, do I enter it into the page itself. I’m sorry to be a pain mate but I’m really struggling with this one, it’s probably staring me straight in the face, and when the penny drops I’ll probably think what a plonker?. Jeff

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                          sudarshan.t Level 6

                          The code in Step 2 has to go in full into the .html file defined in 'Site URL'. This is a sample app that you'll be creating. Once you paste the full code, all you'll have to change is appId, depending on what FB generates and provides.

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                            Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                            So all I have to do is substitute my mark-up for that mark-up and when it has been accepted change it back to the original, is that right. Jeff

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                              sudarshan.t Level 6

                              Jeff, you're following a 'tutorial'. Yes, what you see there is only just for you to get a complete understanding of how to use/ implement a FB app with Open Graph API. Once you get a hang of it, you should be able to implement a similar feature to your own html page and generate a FB AppID to integrate with.

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                                Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                                Hi Sudarshan I do appreciate your patience I think I’m nearly there, I’ve done everything you said I put the html in to the page, entered the ID number, I’ve up loaded to the remote server, check that it’s there ok and it is, gone to ‘step 3: publish a story’ If you up load the app, you should see: a Facebook log in box? But I’m not, it just shows some text and the create a story with an og.likes actions, in a box, and when I click it I get an error message: Error: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user. I’m a bit lost with this.


                                Thanks Jeff





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                                  sudarshan.t Level 6

                                  Line 13 of your file:


                                    var fbAppId = 'replace me';


                                  You should replace this with the ID that was generated for you in Step 1.

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                                    Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                                    Hi Sudarshan sorry about that I put the number in: if ( fbAppId = 'replace me';) instead of: var fbAppId = 'replace me'; thank you for that, and I’ve published the story, but before I complete the submission I think I need to  add my own content to the page, do I keep the html I added in ‘step 3’ mix my html in with it and then submit it, or is there anything else I need to do first. Thanks Jeff

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                                      sudarshan.t Level 6

                                      Follow the instructions 'as is' on the FB tutorial link first to get a hang of creating your 'first app'. While you're at it, learn what you're coding and what it impacts.


                                      Once you're successful with building the 'sample app' according to the instructions first, go ahead, try your hand with your own 'custom' code or custom HTML markup.


                                      Don't try to deviate from the tutorial as that will only confuse you more and will prove to be a much steeper learning curve.


                                      Good luck.

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                                        Jeffrey54 Lane Level 1

                                        Hi Sudarshan I would like to take a couple of minutes to explain what I do so you can see where I’m coming from, I run a small carpet sales business in Bristol. UK, as you know most businesses are struggling at the moment and my business is no exception from that, at the moment I get my apps done by a company in the US called the 5 minute fan page or Get 1000 fans, they are the same company, if you go onto my face book pages you can see what it as achieved and to be honest it’s not bad, the only thing is it cost me £50 a month, and I have to do all the editing myself, so the way I see it I can reproduce these pages (and improve on them not having the restrictions of templates) and on my site and put them up on Facebook myself, I can cut the cost a bit.


                                        New to the Facebook part It is basically the same page being used for the app on all application, just with different content, it’s basically a static page with some links to other pages on my site, so it is a repetitive thing, so I’m not looking to be a Facebook whiz kid or anything like that, I just need to learn one channel, so I can do it over and over.


                                        I built the page I’ve followed the instructions you gave me and I think I’m almost there it’s just the niggling things like when I go to Submit, it comes up with: Invalid Information


                                        Your submission contains invalid data in the following fields: You must choose at least one platform to be displayed.  


                                        So I look down the page until I get to the ‘Listed Platforms’ part “What platforms are listed for your app Center.” So I go to the app Center, and it don’t give any clue as to what to do. I look for Tutorials but none I can find tells me what to do, It doesn’t say where I should go to edit these platforms or what platforms I should chose, I think at the moment this is the only problem, maybe when it’s been approved there might be some more problems but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I don’t know if you can help me any more on not, but thank you for the help you have given me, Jeff