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    Feathering a layer's edge - increasing intensity closer to the edge

    MrCarder Level 1

      I am working on a project where I need to make an office chair appear to have eyes. Specifically, dog eyes.


      I'm having trouble getting the edges of my eyes to look like they are part of the chair, which got me wondering. Is there a way to feather my edges with increased intensity closer to the edge? To be specific, I'd like to start the feather 100px inside the border with 60% opacity, all the way to the edge (border) with 0% opacity. I tried doing this manually a couple of ways and it just didn't look uniform. I'll post the photos I am using below, in case that might help. Please let me know if any additional information might help as well.


      I have also tried with the eyes seperated (without the middle area), but I still have the same issues.


      I found this image that shows what I'm trying to do.