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    Embed font for print


      Good day


      I have recently started designing brochures for my company. I completed 4. I am quite new as a designer.


      all 4 printed well, had no problems.


      this last one, the printer gave the foll:

      1.  The is overprint issues on the pdf files.

      2. Some pages the fonts are not embedded.

      3. There is spot colours in the job.


      it is 24 pages


      I did not change my setting at all as from my previous brochures. So I am completely lost in how to solve it and not for it to happen again.

      We used the same printer for all the brochures.


      Even the flyers I recently did, saying the same problems. Am using the same printer


      I really need help as my job counts on successful brochures


      Thank you