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        Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

        Full-on Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? I thought the Surface Pro could use practically run any software designed for Windows (since it's using Windows 8)?

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          miniwilladobe Level 1

          the tittle is under the touch version of PS... if that answers you question with neither of your options... lol

          adobe created the touch version of photoshop for android tablets and ipads but i have a microsoft surface pro and im currently using a full version but would like the touch version like on the tablets, as my pc is technically is a tablet... but i was asking if they would be releasing it in the mocrosoft store for RT, so then it will also be compatible on the tile half of my pc... if this makes sense?


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            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

            Oh...well...my next question would be, Why would you want PS Touch when you can have Photoshop CS (or even Photoshop Elements) on your Surface Pro?


            Did you want the tablet-centric capabilities that PS Touch has? There really isn't too much in that regard minus the pressure-sensitive stylus support...which the Surface Pro has, doesn't it? From what I understand, the Surface Pro is basically a laptop PC, just tablet style.