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    Clips taking forever to load in old project


      I am working on a large project in CS6.0.3, there are about 1,000 clips on a Synology server. When I open the project it takes almost two hours for all of the clips to re-link and load into the bins. This happens everytime I open Premiere. I am running Windows 7 with an i7 3.4Ghz Dual Core processor, 16GB RAM and an ATI Radeon 5700 graphics card. Transerring large files to and from our server is pretty quick so I dont think that is the bottle neck. My activity monitor shows the RAM and CPU are only being used at around 10-20% at most, it has never gone over that even when rendering the timeline. I have allocated most of my memory to Premiere in the preferences, dont really know what else to try here but its pretty frustrating.