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    How to avoid sorrouding <p> tag added by the default text component on editing a text in a page

    Vamsi Bahujanapalli

      We are using Default Text component(foundation/components/text) within a CQ5 Page. The text component is automatically adding a <p> tag surrounding the text in the text area. We would like to control this behavior of auto addition of the <p> tag in the text component. Please suggest us a solution to avoid the <p> tag around the text.


      Here is the brief backgroud- We are doing a migration of html pages into CQ5. The editable sections of the page are converted to CQ5 Text components with in the page. While we are creating the page from the backend, we are not adding the <p> tag surrounding the page. However after creating the page, if users goes to the page and edits a text block within a page, the additional <p> tags are getting added which is disturbing the styling.


      Let us know if we need to provide more information on this.


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