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    Data Merge's multiple records preview glitch?

    sewollefselrahc Newcomer

      My company will be producing election material for the city. It will contain 300 candidates details and images. I've set up a test document with Excel as the data source. And I've reached the stage of producing one record accurately, that contains a candidate image, bio and answers to three static questions.


      My [CS5.5] indd page will contain between 3-5 candidate profiles per document page (depending on the race). My '3-candidate layout' is set up with the static info on the master page. When selecting the multiple records option in the Data Merge tab, everything looks great - in preview - until I click 'OK'. I then get one record, skewed off to the right of the page, with the other two records off the page completely. Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?