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    Video playing in 4:3 when it should be playing in 16:9 1440 x 1080i XML

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I have completed a project (a wedding) in FCP 7 that is 2 and a half hours Long.


      It was shot and edited at 1440 X 1080i HDV


      I want to bring it into a Premiere Pro CS 6 Timeline so I can use Media Encoder to encode it at High Definition. I then plan to make a Blu-Ray DVD out of it  in Encore CS 6.


      Here’s what I have done:


      1. ) IN FCP 7 and Exported the project as an XML
      2. ) I then closed FCP and opened Premiere Pro CS 6
      3. ) I went to File ----- Import and imported my XML file into Premiere Pro CS 6.
      4. ) The project imported in Premiere Pro CS 6 Fine (except it had to replace some transitions with crossfades)
      5. ) I Double Clicked on the Timeline in the Premiere Pro Project Panel and the FCP Project opened up in a Premiere Pro Timeline
      6. ) It all looked good except for some of the video
      7. ) Some of the Videos are playing in the Program Window as 4:3. The Sequence is set at 1440 x 1080i.
      8. ) Most of the Videos are playing as normal (Widescreen)


      I tried rendering the ones that are playing in 4:3 mode, but it does not fix the problem.


      How can I get the clips that are playing in 4:3 mode to play like they are supposed to play in Widescreen 1440 x 1080i?


      Just a reminder that the Job is already on the timeline?


      Thanks in advance


      Premiere Pro CS 6

      FCP 7

      Power Mac Intel