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    Memory leak in CF10?

    michaelmuller Level 1

      I moved all my code from a Win2003S/CF8 box to a Win2008S/CF10 box and now am having issues where CF loads blank pages after a few hours of uptime.  I'm noticing that the coldfusion.exe service starts around 500mb of memory, and slowly moves up to about 780mb of memory. As it tops 700mb it begins loading blank pages which can be reloaded for intended content. Once it hit 770mb it loads ONLY blank pages, and the service can no longer be restarted. It must be killed by Task Manager.


      This was never a problem before on CF8.


      I have searched far and wide for a solution, but found only this:


      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7788280/memory-leak-when-redeploying-application-in-tom cat


      I'm not sure what code is causing the memory balloon, or even where to look for clues. None of the logs have anything in them other than the occasional missing file due to a bad offsite link, and plenty of "query timed out" errors due to CF Server crashing.


      I'm now restarting CF every two hours.


      Completely flummoxed at this point. Anyone have any ideas?