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    Restricted Distribution Question

    GPB Level 1

      I've been researching restricted and private distribution, mainly reading: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishingsuite/articles/restricted-distribution-with-d igital-publishing-suite.html


      I understand you need an enterprise account for private distribution, but what about restricted??  Even in the link above I can't get a clear picture. 


      For example, can we get a Pro account, and create a publicly available multi-folio app... but then require a username and password to access additional folios.  Therefore, we control who can download the folios within the app (ie: not have them publicly available per se)...?


      We have a client that we've created a number of digital sales brochures for, but they are only for use by their sales force.  Currently we're using the Adobe Viewer to distribute them "privately" to the sales force, but this has been troublesome and the user group is expanding too much globally.  So, we need a method to distribute the sales brochures, but not have them available to the public.  Enterprise level account is probably out of the question due to cost...  so I'm hoping "restricted" distribution using the Pro account is possible!


      If this won't work, any other suggestions would be more than welcome!




      Greg B

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          Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

          You need an enterprise license for this. If you want to limit the deployment of your application so only people within your enterprise can see it, you need an enterprise license so you can do an enterprise-signed build for internal deployment. If you want to publish your app to iTunes but limit content to only registered people you need the enterprise license so you can do direct entitlement.



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            If the target devices are iOS-based, I guess you could also use the B2B Apple Store. When you post the app, you can name an AppleId associated a volume purchase account. The app still has to go through Apple's validation process.


            Technically, this works but I guess someone can correct me if this causes a license issue with Adobe :-)



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              Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

              The last thing I heard about restricted distributions, is that Adobe requires an Enterprise account to move your apps to the Apple iTunes Enterprise account. The yearly Apple fee for such an account is quite moderate (around $300), but an Adobe Enterprise account can be quite expensive! Brace for impact, when you talk to your dearest Adobe rep on the phone...

              One advantage: Apple doesn't check the content of your app (just some technical aspects), so you can publish your apps very quickly.

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                GPB Level 1

                Thanks for the info everyone.  I talked briefly with Adobe today and I agree the Enterprise account seems to be required for what we'd like to do, but at $50k+ per year, its out of my small media company's price range!  They are supposed to talk to me about their agency solutions sometime soon... waiting for that Adobe person to call me.


                I'm curious about what Richard brought up, the B2B store... does anyone know if its possible to publish (using a DPS Pro account) to the B2B app store instead of the "public" iTunes store?? 


                Greg B

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                  Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

                  I've never heard of any "B2B" solution, but maybe it refers to the "Agency" clause in the Professional Edition agreement, allowing you to 'share' your account with other companies who'd like to use your services to distribute their apps and folio's. In a way, you're wholesaling your downloads (and analytics) with Adobe and reselling them to your clients. This is more a legal matter than a different offering.

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                    GPB Level 1

                    I guess I'm just wondering if you can publish a folio (single or multi) to the Apple B2B app store instead of the regular iTunes app store??

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                      Jean-Yves Jourdain

                      I don't see any technical issue to publish an app created with the Pro edition since you just need the standard distribution provisioning profile and it does not require an Apple Enterprise account (on the contrary).

                      However, I am not an expert in reading license agreements so, although I don't see why Adobe would not allow it, I can't vouch for this.