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    Why is Encore 6.0 giving me the "blue screen of death" when I try to create a menu?

    Thedarkknight1105 Level 1

      When I purchased my student edition 6.0 (which I love by the way), Encore did not have any of the libraries loaded up on it. After reading some discussions, I downloaded the missing folders.


      Now, when I try to create a menu, my computer shuts down and gives me "the blue screen of death" as they call it (a blue screen with white writting, counting up to 100%, and saying Windows is preparing to crash...or something about the hard drive crashing....I can't remember because it goes off the screen so quickly).


      I've done this several times - my computer only does this when I try to create a menu in encore, and not in any other part of encore. It hasn't happened in any of the other programs either (Premiere Pro and Audition are the only other programs I have used so far), or any other times I have my laptop.


      Because of this, I am not too concerned since it seems Encore is the problem. However, I do not want any other problems to escalade from this either.


      Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me? I'm working on my Senior Thesis (a video) this year, and I really really cannot afford to have my computer crash on me.


      Please and thank you,