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    How do i export 16 mono tracks in a sequence as 8 stereo tracks.


      Hi I'll be working with 16 tracks of mono audio in Premiere to enable flexibility with my audio edits but when i export i want to make those 16 tracks as 8 stereo tracks, as this is what our specs for TX are.  So 1&2 will be stereo track 1, 3&4 will be stereo track 2, 5&6 will be stereo track 3 and so forth... In FCP this is easy as you can link and unlink the audio in the sequence, and in the sequence settings audio outputs dictate whether it will be mono or stereo.


      From what i gather i can edit in mono sequence then copy and paste into stereo sequence, however as the audio tracks are 1 track whether it is stereo or mono how do 16 fit into 8 when pasting.


      Sorry in advance if i am missing something very easy here, but im pulling my hair out with this.


      Thanks in advance