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    Sequences within sequences (non-nested): deconstructing to master clip level


      I have recently inherited a PPro project, short film, edited in the following manner:


      Circled takes were synced up on a scene-by-scene basis within "sync sequences". So, all desired clips for scene 5 are synced up in a "sync 5" timeline.


      These "sync sequences" are then used to edit together each scene. So each scene has its own timeline. Looking at this timeline, the only name there is going to be "sync 5" or "sync 4", as this is the sequence from which the scene is edited.


      Finally, all these scene sequences are edited together into the actual film's timeline. So, looking at the final product's sequence, it is comprised of "scene 1" "scene 2", etc.


      I need to export an AAF for myself to use in Pro Tools for audio work. Usually, when I do this, my sequences are the standard shot by shot kind of thing, so an AAF is going to directly reference each audio cut made in the picture editing program. That way, my AAF tells me when 10AT5 is used over T6, and I know where to potentially look for alts.


      Is there any way at all for me to basically tell the sequence to unfold all of its referenced sequences...so instead of seeing one long clip of "Scene 5" i would see a bunch of cuts with "sync 5"...and then unfold it further, so that I can see the actual shot names? Or is the only soution here a manual, labor intensive one?


      I hope that this makes sense. By the way, I am fairly certain that the sequences I'm talking about here are standard sequences, not nested. I can see the benefit of working in this way, and it certainly helps keep things a lot cleaner...but professionally speaking, it seems quite frustrating. Maybe this is something that is often taken care of by an assistant editor when going from offline to online in feature workflows? I have no idea, I've not yet encountered that. Everyone I know has their cut sequences comprised of just shots and many many cuts.


      Thanks. Hope somebody can give me some advice here.