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    rMBP CUDA Playback Serious Issues/Glitches

    Eli Odegaard Level 1

      Just purchased a new rMBP and am running Premiere 6.0.2 and with CUDA 5.0.45 installed.  Here are the system specs:


      - 756gb SSD

      - 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7

      - 16 GB Ram

      - NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

      - OS X 10.8.3


      I'm experiencing serious playback issues and crashes in premiere on both internal and exteranal display with both CUDA or OpenCL enabled.  With CUDA playback the monitor window turns black, freezes white, or gets replaced with content from other windows that are open.  It generally works great for a few minutes when I first open premiere, but then everything wigs out.  The timeline and audio will play, but no video shows up.  This generally causes the source window to freeze up as well.  In OpenCL, both the windows turn into digital glitching as soon as I open up premeire.  This has happened while testing RED 4k as well as Canon 5D MKiii 1080 footage.  The only way premiere is running smoothly is through the software only mercury playback.  I've disabled graphics switching, etc. and tried any fixes I've found so far, but no luck.


      Here's another link to a similar forumn on Creative Cow that is discussing the same issue I'm having.



      Any info would be awesome.  I have another few days to decided if I want to keep the computer or not with a full refund from Apple, so I'm trying to resolve any issues.


      - Eli