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    HELP!!!! Encore blu-ray, export file not found


      Right here we go I hope somebody can help me here because i am pulling my hair out trying to figure out what is going on.


      I am currently trying to burn an Encore Blu-Ray project to disc, everytime i hit the build button to start the progress bar appears and starts to build the blu-ray, when it gets to the main video file it says its transcoding and all seems to go well but after a little while it will stop and a pop up box will say: "BLURAY OBJECT: VIDEO.MP4,EXPORT FILE NOT FOUND


      I am running Encore CS6


      I have tried using different media formats ie: mp4,m2v,mpeg2,avi but all end up with the same results, I have also tried burning straight to disc, burning to a disc image and also burn to a bluray folder, I have re-started the project using different files, I have even gone as far as completly uninstalling encore and deleting all its files and then re-installing it.


      nothing seems to work, its really worry because i have completed loads of dvd projects and a few bluray projects before and not had any trouble.


      I hope somebody more expirienced out there can help me.


      many thanks in advance