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    dispatcher.any config for alias in httpd.conf

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      This post: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1103169 discusses almost exactly what I'm hoping to do except that I would like to use an alias rather than rewrites to allow access to files in specific folders published from the dam without the /content/dam directories in the path.  Is this possible?


      For example, in the dam I have the following directory /content/dam/productimages.  In httpd.conf I have

      <IfModule alias_module>


           Alias /productimages C:/Apache2.2/htdocs/content/dam/productimages




      <Directory "C:/Apache2.2/htdocs/content/dam/productimages">

              Options FollowSymLinks




      This works great until I turn on the dispatcher module, at which point I get a 403 permissions error.  What needs to happen in dispatcher.any for this to work?  Do I need a virtual host entry for the alias?


      I'm trying to do it this way because I don't want all traffic redirected from /content/dam/productimages to /product images - I want both to be valid.  Am I barking up the wrong tree?  BTW< I'm testing on my Windows 7 laptop, but the production servers are RedHat.





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