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    Why does Adobe Premiere CS6 slow playback after importing some audio?


      Adobe Premiere CS6.0 v6.0.2


      Mac Pro:

      1, 4 core - 3.2ghz CPU

      16gb ram (4 sticks of 4gb @ 1066 MHz)

      1 Tb dive with OS/Apps on

      2Tb 7200 RPM media drive

      ATI Radeon HD 5770







      mostly .MFX files from a Canon XF100 however these clips commonly play nice with Premiere.



      After importing some audio clips (.wav/.mp3, possibly other extensions) to the timeline on occasion the video playback will become choppy and the audio will slow down 3% creating any voices in the video to become deeper and slows down.  Choppy video playback as well.  The problem is very annoying but  it can be temporarily fixed with a computer restart but it will come back.


      Things to note:

      Creating a rendered ID (Exporting the movie out to a .mov) the slowed choppy video does not appear in the final movie.


      Temp. Solution:

      The only way I can fix this problem is by restarting the computer.  Simply restarting Adobe Premiere and closing any non-essential applications does not fix the problem.


      Any ideas on how to fix this are much apperciated.