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    Scipt to Rename Paragraph Styles on Several Files


      Hi all!

      I am a newbie here. First at all I wanted to thank you soooo much for sharing all your knowledge with others, thanks!

      Now here my question: I need to change the name of a bunch of Indesign files (they all have the same Paragraph style names).

      Can it based on following script (thanks Vamitul and Jongware for this script)? If so what should be changed?

      Thank you.


      var doc=app.activeDocument;
      var myPstyles=doc.allParagraphStyles, l=myPstyles.length;
      while (l--){

      myPstyles[l].name=myPstyles[l].name.replace("Old Style","New Style");

      alert ("Done!\nYou can go outside and play now");