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    Why is audio drifting in Premiere CS6 on Mac 10.7.5 at 60fps...?

      • Premiere CS6 (6.0.2)
      • I have installed the recent updates.
      • Mac OSX Version 10.7.5
      • ALL SOURCE FOOTAGE is Apple ProRez (LT) Quicktimes at 1920x1080 @ 60fps.  (.mov extension)
      • No error message.
      • When playing back in the Source window or Program window, all media drifts out of sync slowly.  Picture ahead of audio.
      • This has never worked.  New user, coming from Final Cut Pro world.  Transferred project using XML document.
      • No other software running.
      • No third-party codecs as far as I know.
      • I/O video card is a KONA LHi AJA card
      • Are you using Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration?  Playback settings are greyed out in my Sequence settings window.  Is there another way for me to find out?
      • The problem only occurs inside the program itself.  Exported quicktimes are perfectly in sync when played with Quicktime player or Quicktime Pro.





      I am working in a project that is purely Apple ProRez LT 60fps 1920x1080.  A project I began long ago in Final Cut Pro.  I have since transferred a copy of my project via XML to Adobe Premiere CS6, so that I can run the two edit platforms in parallel to one another while I'm slowly making the transition to Premiere CS6.  I'm very enthusiastic about the change and really am enjoying the new interface.  There's just one problem...


      Not one quicktime seems to want to play inside of premiere without drifting the audio after approximately 20-30 seconds in.  All audio is coming through clearly upon playback, without dropouts.  But, after 20 seconds, it begins to drift out of sync.  I'm a visual effects/animation editor and audio sync is probably the MOST IMPORTANT asset to me in a great peice of editorial software.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to pickup a copy of Premiere after all the headaches from sync issues with Final Cut Pro...

      I'm hoping the error is on my part and not the software itself.  I feel like I'm setup correctly but each software package is different and I may have overlooked something.


      Below are my settings...

      Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 4.40.28 PM.png


      Now, believe it or not, as I type this, I might've figured out the problem through some trial & error, but I'd still enjoy any advice from the pros...


      1.)  In preferences, under "Playback", under "Video Device:" when I "setup" the AJA KONA LHi card, I feel like I need to select the format of my sequence.  In this case, "1080p60".  And then playback seems to operate in sync.


      Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 5.49.35 PM.png




      2.) In the "AJA ControlPanel" software (pictured below) under the "Format" heading, my "Primary (frame buffer) format needs to be at my sequence settings as well.  "1080p60a"

      Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 4.54.55 PM.png


      I'm still feeling a little lost as to why I can't have Premiere doing the controlling here, but maybe I'm not doing something correctly.  At any rate, I figured there might be a number of other Apple ProRez LT  60fps projects out there that might be having a similar situation so I figured I'd post.


      All information is appreciated.




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