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    Script to convert RGB values to CMYK values


      I want a script that can help me convert RGB value to CMYK values.


      I've seen this thread which explains a script to round up and down:




      but is there a script that i can actually define lets say the colour is yellow and in RGB it looks ok because its in RGB mode so you change it to CMYK and you have 6% - 9% cyan and you only want yellow


      is there a script out there that i can say




      cyan = 6%

      yellow = 80%

      magenta = 0%

      black = 0%


      then change to


      cyan = 0%

      yellow = 80&

      mangenta = 0%

      black = 0%


      I don't mind writting the code for each colour that needs to be converted as it would only need defining once but how would i make this script?


      any clues?