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    Overriding DVD player Pan&Scan

    Nathan B.

      I've heard conflicting information about whether this can be done or not (period, not just in Encore.)


      According to Encore's documentation: "Note:  If a set‑top DVD player is set to pan and scan, Encore overrides the player and displays the footage in letterbox format." However, in my tests with a DVD player and 4:3 TV (and maybe my DVD player is one of the exceptions to the norm), this isn't the case. P&S option on the player still works fine. Even with Hollywood DVDs, it seems I can always select P&S, with the exception of perhaps during a menu or two.


      So my question is: "Can it be done?" Whether it's through Encore or some other tool, I'd like to know if it's possible.


      The situation I'm in is we have a lecture series we're outputting to DVD, and there's the potential for viewers to have a less-than-ideal setup, whether it's in grandma's living room or a third world country. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it'd be nice if things can be controlled so that 4:3 Title Safe and losing 40% of the image isn't something I have to even think about.


      Thanks in advance.