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    Flash Pro CS6 crashes when creating symbol


      Okay...here's one I gotta share. I'm building some banner ads for a client. I open up Flash Pro CS6. I create a square on the stage. And when I right-mouse click on the drawing, choose Create Symbol...Flash completely locks up. I get that little Windows 7 'tink' in my speakers..and nothing. I cannot create a symbol of any kind. The program completely locks up.


      So...I uninstall the entire CS6 suite...reinstall with latest installers...and same result.


      BUT....if I put a graphic on the stage...go to the timeline...and try to apply a motion tween..flash alerts me that it needs to be a symbol and converts it to a movie clip for me...no errors.


      I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit, 16 G ram. So that ain't the problem. I tried in vane to get somebody on the phone at adobe....I knew that would be a waste of time.


      I've been using adobe software forever. And though it is frequently error and crash prone I can usually count on an uninstall squaring things away. Not this time. And I have no cause and effect to point to. I was using Flash a couple of weeks ago no problem...and now...unusable.


      If there's anyone out there reading this post...I'd really be interested in a solution.