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    upgrade to 64 bit APE10 from workin 32 bit on Win XP


      I purchase a box of 5 Disks which contained APE10 32 bit & 64 bit in 2012.   Insaalled 32 bit on  my C: drive and it worked fine. Worked half way through a video I shot at Xmas 2011. Then I decided to switch to a 64 bit system.


      Installed a 64 bit Windows 7on a new C:drive. but lett the original disk,  now D: drive.  I  tried to install disk 1 but told me to use disk 2 for 64 bit APE 10..  Computer wouldnot load disk 2 but works fine on all other disks.


      Is there an Adobe install disk for 64 Bit APE10?