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    Can This Laptop Be Used For Premier Pro CS6?


      Developed an interest in learning to edit video but have become confused in reading all of the posts about what is the true minimum hardware requirement/setup, as compared to what is listed as System Requirements by Adobe.  Probably best to start with my initial goals.


      Here is what I was looking at doing as this journey begins:

      Purchased Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Classroom in a Book(CIB) after reading a review it would be a better start than Premier Pro CIB, which I plan on getting, if one has no experience in this field.  During research feel that I would like to become a subscriber to the Creative Cloud as there are a number of products I would like to learn and use.  Basically, I am hopeful that I may use my current laptop for the beginning of my education and further down the road look at getting a more powerful system as knowledge/skills/requirements increase.  Initial video I wouild like to work with is that received from family members smart phones and will be looking at purchasing a simple video camera for short interviews and brief presentantions.  Will likely desire uploading some completed projects to the web.


      Current Hardware:

      Laptop:  Asus N53SV

      OS: Windows 7 64bit

      CPU: Intel i7-2670QM  2.2GHz Cores=4  Threads=8

      L3 Cache: 6mb

      RAM: 6MB

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1024 MB

      OpenGL: 3.1.0

      Display: 1920 X 1080

      Drives: (1) HD, Seagate 500GB @ 7,200 RPM partitioned as C: 186GB with OS and programs,  D: 254GB some documents

                    E: Optical DVD-RW

                    F: USB 3 connected 2 TB Seagate GoFlex External HD


      If this laptop can be used with current hardware, I wouild sincerely appreciate any suggestions for how to best utilize what is available to begin learning Premier Pro CS6.  As I will not have any time schedules that will have to be met I can accept that this may not be the ideal system.  Just hoping it can be a start.


      If any further information is required about the laptop please let me know and Thank You for your time with this question.