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    Grouping items in data merge

    vlassov Level 1

      Hi guys. I've read through numerous posts and webpages, watched videos - but haven't found a solution.

      I am trying to do a data-merge between a csv/txt file and an InDesign document. All is fine, works well, except that this is for a catalogue and requires some grouping. Let me explain.


      Current data has the following collumns



      If I am to run these as seperate items/names/sizes and costs - everything works as it should. However, the NAME will have a number of different ITEMs, all with different item numbers, sizes, with CAS# not changing.



      ITEM 12345 NAME Orange Juice SIZE 100ml CAS 123-4

      ITEM 54321 NAME Orange Juice SIZE 200ml CAS 123-4


      So both of these need to appear under the same name (Orange Juice) and under the same CAS#, but have different item# and size. ie., something like this:

      ITEM 12345 NAME Orange Juice SIZE 100ml CAS 123-4

      ITEM 54321                                 SIZE 200ml


      Some will only have 1 size and item#, others multiple, as above. I tried grouping the items in excel under the same name/cas - doesn't work. In datamerge, it just merges them as seperate fields or duplicates. Tried a number of options, all seem to fail. I realise there are proper catalogue programs out-there, but was hoping I could do without one this time, as this catalog is going to be done once every couple of years.


      The list of data is 2,000+, so custom entry would take a while... unless all else fails.


      Let me know if I didn't exaplain myself clear enough! Hope someone can help :-)


      ps. I'm a graphic designer, not a programmer, so that solution is out of the question too