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    CS6 not opening because ExporterQuicktimeHost.bundle issue. Adobe QT32 Server seems to be the issue


      I am currently very frustrated with a CS6 issue. For no apparent reason (no update, change or new software) Premier, AfterEffects and Media Encoder all stall while opening on ExpoerterQuicktimeHost.bundle. It seems it is directly related to codecs and Adobe QT32 Server. If i remove certain codecs, then the programs work, however this is no use to me, because i need those codecs for the projects i am working on. Similarly, if i force quit Adobe QT32 Server as a process, then the program opens, however the codecs in question just dont work.


      How can i get refresh / reload / reconnect the Adobe QT32 Server process so that it opens the needed codecs??


      I am running:
      MAC OS X Lion 10.7.5
      2.8 GHz i5
      20 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory