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    FormsCentral and Hebrew, FormsCentral and multiple records



      I am using Acrobat XI pro.



      I want to allow my users to use an acrobat form in order to send me information.

      I am trying the online FormsCentral.



      I have two questions.




      I am trying to allow users to input Hebrew data into the form.



      I set up a form and followed the instructions and have reached the point where I have the copy of the pdf with the ‘submit’ button intact. I also managed to submit information using this pdf form where the data I inputted is in English and can see the information on site after it has been submitted.



      But when I try to input data in Hebrew to this same form I get a message that a field has unsupported characters. When creating this pdf form I did make sure and set its font to ‘Adobe Hebrew’ and did try to set its direction to either left to right or right to left and neither worked.

      I did manage to edit data directly in FormsCentral and write it in Hebrew, but not through a submitted pdf form.

      So my first question is : Does FormsCentral pdf forms support Hebrew?




      I want to set up a pdf form that will contain a table. Each row in the table will constitute a separate record. For example, a table for scheduled appointments, where each row will contain a different appointment. When submitting such a form, all the fields are streamed into one line in FormsCentral. I can not ask users to separate appointments into multiple pdf forms, so that each appointment will be submitted separately, because that seems very awkward and they will not agree.

      So is there a way to build a pdf form that will have multiple records and display them as such in FormsCentral and then exported as multiple records?