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    Table of contents file not taking book files into account

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I've used Indesign's book panel to manage the chapters in a book that I've typeset. I set up the table of contents style (in a TOC document which is part of the books panel) and made sure that it used all the book chapters when compiling the table of contents by checking the option in the TOC styles diaglogue box.


      For some reason, the table of contents is ignoring all of the styles in the chapter files so it's not including anything in the table of contents other than a few headings that are within the file that contains the table of contents.


      I'm noticing that Indesign is creating a whole lot of duplicate files with a string of numbers appended to the file name, eg.




      These seem to duplicates of the chapter files but I have no idea why Indesign is creating them so I'm wondering whether I've got some corruption happening and whether this may be causing the problem with the table of contents.


      Has anyone had a similar problem and if yes, is there any solution?


      Really appreciate any advice.