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    Problem importing into AE CS6


      Hello. I have a problem importing some footage into AE CS6. It was filmed with a Canon XA10 in PF30. My primary computer is a Windows 7 based system with plenty of RAM and a i7 processor. While Premiere Pro can import this footage and allows me to edited, the problem starts when I try to import it into AE CS6. I have the cloud and AE should be up to date with its updates. When I try to import the footage I get an error that states "After Effects warning: Error with file" I also use an Mac with Mountain Lion (at a different location) and it has no problems importing this footage into AE CS6 and allowing me to edit it. Here are the errors that I receive



      The top image is the error that I get.

      The next image is source information I get when it is imported into Media Converter.

      The bottom left image is the import screen from AE. I circled the only difference that I noticed.

      The bottom right image is some footage that AE does not have any problems with.


      I have searched the internet and someone suggested that I convert the footage to another codec like MOV. I have done this many time using different codecs (mov, h264, avi, etc) and I have converted these files on the Mac as well.. All of those files come up with the same error in AE as well as nothing in the format location in the AE import screen. I am thinking that my Windows system maybe missing a codec that is installed on the Apple. Can anyone tell me if I am missing a codec? If so can anyone tell me where I can get this codec. Any help would be great as I have been woking on this problem for a while now.