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    Destination 'ColdFusionGateway' requires FlexClient support which was introduced in version 2.5...

    zilvester Level 1

      Hopefully someone might recognise this error...
      Sadly it brings up only one result on google and that's a bit vague as to how that person got out of thier hole... :(

      I'm trying some very simple Flex Messaging with Flex Builder 2.0.1 and CF8 Standard (with LiveCycle 2.5.? built in)

      But I get this error:
      "Destination 'ColdFusionGateway' requires FlexClient support which was introduced in version 2.5. Please recompile the client application with an updated client framework."

      I guess the '2.5' is referring to LiveCycle?
      And I guess it's saying that the Flex compiler needs some updated elements to compile with so it can work with LiveCycle ?
      I think stepping into Flex for the first time just as FDS became LiveCycle was not a good idea.

      Strangely I (may have) narrowed it down to the gatewayid tag in messaging-config.xml
      OR <gatewayid>Flex2CF2</gatewayid>

      Which has been there well before LiveCycle. BUT If I remove this tag completely the error doesn't occur... then of course messaging doesn't work without it. Ho hum

      I can't see any DataServicesMessaging In/Outs using cf-polling-amf... I'm having more luck with cf-rtmp - I can see the 'In' and 'Out' counters ticking away when i view my ColdFusion Event Gateway Instance in the CF admin.

      So polling-amf won't connect, whereas rtmp will. Neither channel will 'subscribe' though.

      I've got ColdFusion Extensions 0.5.155475 installed (don't ask me how - it was a nightmare!) and working in Flex Builder 2.

      I tried bringing the flex/libs over to flex builder from CF as they were newer - no good

      I updated Flex Builder with:
      Flex 2.0.1 SDK with HotFix 3 from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/sdk/flex2sdk.html

      But nothing helps.

      here's the mxml:

      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute"
      creationComplete="initApp()" viewSourceURL="srcview/index.html">

      import com.mikenimer.components.*;

      import mx.messaging.*;
      import mx.messaging.messages.*;
      import mx.messaging.events.*;

      public var pro:mx.messaging.Producer;
      public var con:mx.messaging.Consumer;

      public function initApp():void {
      pro = new mx.messaging.Producer();
      pro.destination = "ColdFusionGateway";

      public function sendMessage():void {
      var msg:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();

      msg.headers.gatewayid = "Flex2CF2";
      msg.body = new Object();
      msg.body.emailto = emailto.text;
      messagestatus.text = "Message sent to ColdFusion.";

      private function messageHandler(event:MessageEvent):void {
      messagestatus.text = "Message received from ColdFusion.";
      private function faultHandler(event:MessageFaultEvent):void {
      messagestatus.text = "FAULT";

      <mx:Consumer id="consumer" destination="ColdFusionGateway"
      fault="faultHandler(event)" />

      <mx:TextInput x="103" y="13" width="291" id="emailto" editable="true"/>
      <mx:Button x="402" y="13" label="Send" id="emailsend"
      <mx:Label id="messagestatus" x="103" y="350" width="291" text="Message
      not sent yet."/>


      relevant bits from services-config.xml
      <channel-definition id="cf-polling-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
      <endpoint uri=" http://{server.name}:{server.port}{context.root}/flex2gateway/cfamfpolling" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>

      <channel-definition id="cf-rtmp" class="mx.messaging.channels.RTMPChannel">
      <endpoint uri="rtmp://{server.name}:2048" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.RTMPEndpoint"/>

      the messaging-config.xml

      <destination id="ColdFusionGateway">
      <adapter ref="cfgateway" />
      <channel ref="cf-rtmp"/>
      <channel ref="cf-polling-amf"/>

      I tried some of this to no avail:



      why is it some lucky folk find it sooo easy? :
      http://www.onflexwithcf.org/index.cfm/2007/8/2/Coldfusion-8-Simple-messaging-example-using -Messaging-Event-Gateway

      it should be THAT easy dontcha think?

      help me please, please.
      VV Text "Destination 'ColdFusionGateway' requires FlexClient support which was introduced in version 2.5. Please recompile the client application with an updated client framework." ddd