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    Problem converting photoshop text to editable text


      First and foremost, hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any help that comes from this thread, I will try to be a thorough as possible when describing what's happening.


      The problem is that when I try to convert the text of an imported photoshop file into editable text in After Effects, any text that happens to be at an angle, or upside down at the time of conversion magically and without warning rights each letter. Here are a couple photos to better describe and showcase what's happening.


      Here is what the layers look like before I convert them (this is a zoomed in section of a much bigger arrangement of text)


      properly formatted.jpg


      And here is what the layers look like after I've converted the text to editable text.




      As you can see, after effects is keeping the overall alignments and angles of the words themselves in tact while simultaneously converting all the letters to be right side up...


      The steps that I've used to get here are as follows:


      -Create a typographic design in Adobe Illustrator CS6, with text at various sizes and orientations

      -Export said Illustrator file as a .psd file with color model RGB, 300ppi (have tried every option), preserve text editability, maximum editability, type optimized anti-aliasing, and embed ICC profile.

      -Open After Effects CS 6
      -Import the just created .psd file as a composition, with editable layer styles

      -Locate the text layers and convert them to editable text

      -Frantically try every option I can think of to fix this


      So far, I've been able to discern that by exporting an illustrator file as a .psd that something must be going wrong, as I've tried converting text that was originally created in photoshop with no such effects.


      I can convert the text in illustrator to outlines, and thusly import that, and create shape layers from those outlines, but I'd really rather prefer to keep the text editable for many reasons, namely the ability to use text animators (as this is a kinetic typography video) and because all the text in illustrator is on one layer, and as such when I import them into After Effects, they are all one shape layer comprised of hundreds of groups.


      So, I am hoping that one of you has run into this issue before and there is simply some small option of button that I have to press to maintain text orientation...

      However, if no such things exist, I would love to know of any work arounds possible, including how to quickly distribute text in illustrator across mnay layers, giving each word it's own seperate layer, thus making shape layers in after effects much easier.