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    Offline Options?


      I have a need to create a form that will capture information in an environment where no internet connection is available.


      Does FormsCentral have an "offline" option?  Can the program cache the information until an internet connection is available?


      And if this option is not available, I would request it be considered for future updates.



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          fredthev Adobe Employee

          You want probably to use the PDF Form feature instaed of using Web Form, please have a look to http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-2655

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            Aggrowth Level 1

            Thanks for the response Fred.  Your solution to use the PDF will work if each potential customer can have their own PDF, and send them to me via email when completed.


            But, what I really want to do is have a kiosk or station at a trade show (maybe an iPad or tablet of some kind), and have potential customers fill out their contact info there.  It could potentially be a lot of customers.

            And I don't want to have each customer saving their own submissions on the iPad. I need it to be as seemless as possible.

            Ideally you could click a "Submit" button which would store the data on the iPad. And when the trade show is done, we take the iPad back to the office and export the data.


            Adobe, do you have any suggestions?