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    After Saving File get Message "Could not find the included template"


      I have a strange issue going on and it's becoming very, very annoying.  When I edit a file on our web server (it's a virtual machine running Windows Server 2008) and then try to view it in my browser, I get the error message "Could not find the included template".  If I refresh the page (sometimes upwards of 40 times) my page with whatever changes I made will finally load.  I checked with our system administrator and he's not aware of what could be causing this. 


      It happens on whatever the most recent file I was working on.  If it's a ColdFusion file, I get the "Could not find the included template" error.  If it's a change to my stylesheet, the styles will not load.  Again, in both instances it takes hitting F5 upwards of 40 times until the page displays correctly. 


      Has anybody else ever encountered such an issue?  It's happening on two separate virtual servers (both Win 2008), one has CF9 installed and the other CF10.  It get's frustrating having to referesh before the page or stylesheet get picked up.  Any help or suggestions are appreciated!